set your own law to govern your own life
align your own law with gods law
free yourself from the rules of others

a private membership club

The Sovereign’s Way is a private membership club that shares knowledge of law and the Way to be free in the world; We offer the simple knowledge of how to:
  • Express your law for your own life and property;
  • Harmonise your law with the creator’s law;
  • Bring forth peace and remedy to all controversy;
  • Uphold and enforce your rights at law as one of mankind;
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Understanding Law And The Nature Of Society

free e-book: Understanding Law and the Nature of Society

a practical knowledge and understanding of the world and your place in it;what the fictional realm really is… and how to tell when you’re in it;natural law, positive law, where your allegiance lies, and how you pledge it;the name game you’ve been playing without knowing… and how to stop losing;

Lessons In Law

free course: Lessons In Law

8 short paradigm-changing videoslearn the true nature of law and how to align your life with it to live in peace and harmonyshift your understanding of how the game works and who you are in relation to it;discover what your REAL rights actually are (and how to uphold and enforce them);straighten up how you perceive and relate with the legal society, those in your life and the world at large;

Open Q&A Clinic

free clinic: the Law For Mankind Open Q & A

learn how to keep 100% of the compensation for your labour... without lies;discover how to protect your family and property against any attack… without fights;understand how to be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without the need to hide;

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